Build a fully scalable decommissioning capability at a reduced cost


Our decommissioning solutions can be scaled to meet the needs of your project:

Maersk Decom ensures no resources go to waste by working together with our customers from the earliest possible stage in the planning process to ensure cost reduction opportunities are captured. We deliver tendering, contracting and decommissioning services under one umbrella. We form an integrated team of project management and subject matter experts to execute work in accordance with best practices, often including team members from our customers and partners.

We call on our specialised experts and past experience to prepare innovative decommissioning plans, and carry out environmental impact assessments, concept maturation and general engineering, baseline surveys and consult with regulators.

Our full-scope decommissioning solutions include flushing and cleaning, as well as disconnection services.

With an in-house well engineering team and fleet of rigs and offshore support vessels, we supply the full asset spread required for plugging and abandoning wells, including special tools and services, rig moves and logistics services.

Maersk Decom prepares assets for safe removal, including disconnection and preparation for lifting. Utilising our industry partnerships, we offer platform removal operations under the same umbrella as our full-scope solutions.

With access to our in-house rigs, offshore construction and anchor handling tug supply vessels, separate elements of the value chain can be engaged at the same time, creating a flexible window to begin removal when most cost effective. We utilise a patented method for removal of flexible flowlines, and industry partnerships for diving services.

As part of the final stage of offshore execution of decommissioning, we provide various survey activities which ensure work scopes have been completed as planned and that the site is left with a clear seabed.

We provide tailored, transparent solutions to meet our customers’ duty of care needs. Our solutions include waste mapping, preparation of inventory, decontamination and removal of marine growth, dismantling, recycling, waste management and close-out reporting.


Delivering full-scope offshore decommissioning projects:

Innovative commercial models:

Rethinking the approach is one of our key focus areas, but this goes beyond technical solutions. At Maersk Decom, we work together with our customers to develop commercial models that create and distribute savings, allow risk to be shared and incentivise the entire value chain. Examples of these include bundling scopes and campaigns, or managing weather risk to enable out of season work. To learn more, download the fact sheet below or get in touch with our Commercial team.

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Utilising a strong asset base:



Track Record

Maersk Decom is built on the decades of marine experience of our parent companies Maersk Drilling and Maersk Supply Service, and in particular on the efficiencies that we achieved while decommissioning the Janice, James and Leadon fields.”

– Jens Klit Thomsen, Chief Commercial Officer