Project Description

Tailored, transparent recycling and waste management solutions designed to meet the duty of care needs of our customers

Regulatory Drivers

Satisfying national and international regulations, the Waste Hierarchy and client corporate requirements, we use established routes to ensure a complete end of life waste management package and supply chain transparency. Emphasis is placed on waste minimisation, re-use and closed loop recycling with disposal options only utilised for hazardous waste with no recycling value.

End-to-End Solutions

Understanding where and how material and waste streams are generated for each stage of the decommissioning programme, and classifying waste.

Using data from the mapping process to provide an active inventory, documenting quantity and the classification of materials and waste.

Preparing all permits for potential materials and waste treatment.

Ensuring active waste management plans and procedures for all materials and waste offshore and onshore, including segregation and transportation for re-use, recycling or disposal.

Removing topsides and subsea structures, preparing for onshore transport, followed by dismantling and recycling of materials and waste streams.

Fully documenting each material and waste stream to ensure transparency for all stakeholders, including details of end-user facility, recycling and re-use rates.

Our Approach to Circular Economy

Our recycling and waste management activities incorporate the second principle of Circular Economy: Designing recycling and waste management routes that optimise the resource yields of the circulating products and waste fractions. This approach ensures a focus on cradle-to-cradle material flows.


Our goal is to deliver environmentally sound recycling and waste management solutions that extend the lifetime of offshore materials, and in doing so, bring greater value to our customers.

Ann O’Connor, Sustainability Lead

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