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North Sea, UK

In 2018, Maersk Drilling, a parent company of Maersk Decom, carried out the plug and abandonment of seven wells in the UK North Sea for Maersk Oil, later acquired by Total, as part of decommissioning the James and Leadon fields.

The specialised capabilities of Maersk Gallant is a testimony to the technological and operational excellence of Maersk Drilling, and of the expertise carried on to Maersk Decom. This work scope required plug and abandonment to be performed in 120 meter water depth – a new record for jack-ups working on subsea wells
in the North Sea continental shelf.

By taking on further responsibilities within the value chain, Maersk Drilling provided a valuable service to the client by addressing a significant pain point by reducing waste. Additional areas where the work scope was delivered above expectations included tensioner installation time (reduced from 22.75 hours to 3.5 hours) and planning of operations around severe weather (15 hours of NPT saved).

The work scope was well suited for Maersk Drilling’s subsea expertise. The High Pressure Riser, which was specially customised and installed on Maersk Gallant, enabled Maersk Drilling to supply third party services and save the oil company time and money otherwise spent on third party contractors. Continuous improvements in the design, installation and operations with a High Pressure Riser system ultimately led to 5.7m USD of savings for our client.

“The solution Maersk Drilling provided was ideal for this work,” says Don Deeney, Chief of Wells in Maersk Oil. “The hard work and initiative demonstrated by Maersk Drilling during this project was very worthwhile, and the operation was a great success.”

Backed by more than 50 years of experience delivering safe and efficient offshore support vessel and drilling services, Maersk Decom offers innovative and simplified decommissioning solutions for the global energy sector.



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