Lars Banke, Chief Executive Officer

We have now reached the two-year mark since Maersk Decom was launched. I am happy to see that we are on track with our plan for the company and met our goals for 2019 – executing our first offshore scope with the Thames project and winning our first end-to-end plugging and abandonment project for the Banda and Tiof fields offshore Mauritania.

Meet the Maersk Decom team

These achievements that build our track record are not all we look back on over the year. I am very proud of the team we have assembled. We have vast, specialised decommissioning expertise in-house – such as our well engineering team, recycling and waste management and heavy lift experts, as well as experienced offshore project managers. This allows us to ensure we provide our customers with the most effective solutions, employing industry leading practices and meeting decommissioning specific standards.

Our vision: No resource wasted

We aligned our long-term strategy under our vision: No resource wasted. This is a goal that we will constantly be working towards long into the future. It means that from baseline surveys and engineering, to plug and abandonment, infrastructure removal, and recycling and waste management, Maersk Decom is committed to constantly rethinking decommissioning to maximise value and sustainability. We aim to ensure no resources – whether it’s people, time or assets – go to waste.

Innovative commercial solutions

It has also been rewarding to see how far we’ve come with our commercial solutions and how they’ve been positively received in the market. On top of providing flexible commercial models, we are working together with our customers to develop solutions that enable savings from bundling decommissioning scopes to be shared. Ultimately, our intention is that this will support our customers in carrying out a multi-operator campaign in the future.

For example, read the blog post by Contracts & Partnerships Manager Ole Udsen: Incentivising cooperation and transparency through commercial models

What’s next for Maersk Decom?

As we enter our third year of operations, we are focused on the successful delivery of the Banda & Tiof project. By delivering the entire scope under one overarching contract, we can optimise the project every step of the way. While this award was confirmation that the market sees value in what Maersk Decom brings to the table, we now need to maximise safety, efficiency and cost effectiveness to demonstrate our capabilities when providing a solution that bundles project management, engineering and planning with the execution of plug and abandonment and the removal and disposal of subsea equipment.

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