Jens Klit Thomsen, Chief Commercial Officer

Hard to believe it has been a year since we established Maersk Decom. As Lars noted in his post last week about setting our vision, over the last 12 months we have narrowed in on the value that Maersk Decom brings to the table.

The most important building blocks for us to help our customers develop scalable solutions are upholding partnership as an asset, incorporating and building on industry best practices, utilising our in-house assets and expertise, and striving to benefit the most stakeholders possible. These four concepts encompass our approach to decommissioning:

Partnership as an asset

We’re here to help our customers establish and maintain a decommissioning capability that delivers cost-effective, sustainable, safe solutions through commercial models that allow risk to be shared and incentivises the entire supply chain. As the dedicated decommissioning partner for the offshore energy industry, we carry over and build on learnings from each project so that we can be ahead of the curve on the next one. We work with carefully chosen partners whose services and quality we know we can rely on.

Leading methods

We believe there is always a better way, and we aim to find it – whether it’s a big leap forward or an incremental improvement. We believe in investing in innovation and are constantly working towards creative models within technology, contracting and supply chain management. We develop and build on our specialised expertise, while learning from and refining industry best practices.

Project power

Traditional options for delivering decommissioning projects aren’t perfect – hiring project-by-project suppliers doesn’t necessarily incentivise most efficient performance, and in-house investment is expensive and difficult to scale up and down. Maersk Decom offers an alternative which enables operators to build a scalable decommissioning capability – whether it’s a full-scope or hybrid solution. Increasing operational efficiency is key to lowering risk and costs, and we do so through a simplified delivery model that offers our customers one point of contact, direct access to our in-house fleets, and support in navigating regulatory requirements.

For good

We recognise the importance of decommissioning to the environment and the industry’s sustainability agenda. Our ambition is to develop and execute solutions that benefit the most stakeholders possible, from our customers to the environment. It is in everyone’s best interest. We provide tailored, transparent end-to-end recycling and waste management solutions designed to meet the duty of care needs of our customers and help restore the seabed, extend the lifetime of materials, reduce risk and free up value.

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