Our Vision

No resource wasted

Constantly rethinking decommissioning to maximise value and sustainability

Supplying the world with the energy it needs demands efficiency from start to finish. We believe responsibly handling end-of-life assets is more than a duty – it’s an opportunity. As the dedicated decommissioning partner for the offshore energy industry, our vision is to constantly rethink decommissioning in order to maximise value and sustainability. Together with our partners, we focus on innovation to help energy companies restore the seabed, extend the lifetime of materials, reduce risk and free up value. We’re doing things differently with the ultimate goal of ensuring no resources – be it people, time or assets – go to waste.

Company Fact Sheet

Our Mission

To be the dedicated decommissioning partner for the offshore energy industry

Maersk Decom is uniquely placed to help the offshore energy industry execute decommissioning while building a strategic decommissioning capability. As our name indicates, decommissioning is our core business. We provide scalable solutions using innovative methods and commercial models. We are a dedicated team of experts in the field who are committed to constant improvement – incorporating learnings from every project we work on into the project at hand. We address key issues such as predictability of costs, risk, compliance, sustainability and reputation. To do it, we draw upon more than 50 years of experience and assets from the offshore support vessel and drilling industries. And we deliver it all as one integrated team including project management and engineering.

Our Approach

We’re in it together

Rethinking the approach is one of our key focus areas, but this goes beyond technical solutions. We work together with our customers to develop commercial models that allow risk to be shared and incentivises the entire supply chain. We deliver our solutions through integrated project teams and ensure we carry over learnings from each project.

There’s always a better way

As a dedicated decommissioning company, we are constantly developing and building on our specialised expertise. We believe there is always a better way, and we aim to find it – whether it’s a big leap forward or an incremental improvement. We pursue innovation through technology and methodology, while learning from and refining industry best practices.

Fully scalable solutions

We have everything it takes to deliver scalable, cost-effective, sustainable decommissioning solutions. From subject matter experts, to experienced offshore teams, to the required rigs and vessels, our in-house expertise and assets enable us to plan and implement decommissioning projects through efficient processes, time management and strict cost control.

For good

We deliver responsible solutions and strive to benefit the most stakeholders possible. We do everything we can to ensure no resources – be it people, time or assets – go to waste. Our end-to-end recycling and waste management solutions, innovative recovery methods, and scalable project teams are examples of ways we maximise value and sustainability.

Committed to Our Core Values


Take care of today, actively prepare for tomorrow


Listen, learn, share, and give space to others


Our word is our bond


The right environment for the right people


The sum of our Values: passionately striving higher

Code of Conduct

At Maersk Decom, being a responsible corporate citizen is an integral part of the way we do business. It is reflected in our core values: constant care, our name, our employees and that we strive to be upright yet humble in our activities, globally as well as locally. All Maersk Decom employees, consultants and secondees, both onshore and offshore, are expected to comply with the Code of Conduct. We also expect our partners and suppliers to implement the standards of the Third Party Code of Conduct.

Code of Conduct
Third Party Code of Conduct


Acting with constant care is embedded in the safety culture of Maersk Decom, and our values guide us towards a safe, compliant and healthy work environment, offshore as well as onshore.

Leadership Team

Jens Klit Thomsen
Jens Klit ThomsenCEO
Jacob Halberg
Jacob HalbergCFO
Ben Critchley
Ben CritchleyGeneral Counsel

Track Record


Collaboration Partners

Maersk Decom is an ongoing advisor to The Danish Hydrocarbon Research and Technology Centre. Throughout this collaboration, we have assisted the DHRTC with data, expert opinions and operational advice. We were an Advisor for the Well Abandonment Programme during the Project Selection for Well Abandonment Research.