Ann O’Connor, Recycling & Waste Management Engineer

During September my colleagues and I at Maersk Decom and Maersk Supply Service executed the first project that moved Maersk Decom from studies and project development into execution. The goal was clear, together we were going to deliver an end-to-end solution for subsea removal and disposal of wellheads, canopies, and wellhead proctection structures recovered from the Thames field. By integrating the project team, we were able to ensure a seamless interface between the recovery and disposal scopes.

After weeks of planning, Maersk Installer arrived in Blyth with the recovered subsea infrastructure. Soon after mooring, the quayside became a hub of activity as both demobilisation and decommissioning operations commenced. Once the recovered structures were loaded into the decommissioning bay, the steel dismantling team fired up their cutting torches and the process of giving these structures a new life began. After many years installed at sea, 100% of the steel and grout was able to be recycled.

At Maersk Decom, our recycling and waste management philosophy is rooted in working directly with waste recyclers, creating lean and transparent value chains as well as ensuring recycling activities are carried out in a safe and environmentally sound manner. For more information, visit: Recycling and Waste Management Solutions